I don't believe just any "thank you" will do

Philanthropy has always been a two-way relationship - between the donor and the cause. When donors give to create a better world, they deserve to be celebrated as sheros and heroes. 

I've been a fundraiser for 20+ years and it's been an honour to work with supporters, big and small. And I've relished the opportunity to share gratitude with them, often through a handwritten card.

But whenever I shopped for cards to send to donors, I was often left with the "thank you" or "merci" options that didn't feel good enough. I wanted a sentiment that reflected the donor's own joy and excitement. I was usually disappointed. 

So I created my own line of cards - for fundraisers like you.

Giving fuels extraordinary hope and change. Don't donors deserve an unforgettable thank you? 

Here you'll find cards that will be remembered and treasured. 

Beth Ann

Beth Ann Locke